Accept any crypto in any business using your current equipment with Paytomat

Your customers pay with any wallet, or Paytomat Wallet

Wait for cryptocurrency adoption
or be a part of it now.

Hotels, restaurants, dentists, logistic companies, e-commerce, SPA, car services are already using Paytomat.

Our system is suitable for any business type.

No need for custom hardware or software.
A simple update and you're all set up.



Be guided through the integration process by our manager


Start accepting cryptocurrencies with zero fees

  • 7 crypto currenciesEOS support (Alpha)

  • backup and recovery with a 24-word backup phrase

  • hierarchical deterministic address architecture

  • dynamic fees with time estimates

  • offline mode support

  • max send feature

Paytomat wallet app on iOSPaytomat wallet app on Android
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Paytomat Worldwide

13cryptocurrencies supported

329+merchants accept cryptocurrencies

18845+ transactions processed

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Own Paytomat in your region

We build Paytomat as a decentralized organisation, incorporating elements of the decentralized franchise. Each individual entrepreneur or company can represent themselves as a distributor and establish Paytomat in their country.

Set up new POS providers, and merchants

Set up new
POS providers,
and merchants

Build up a payment gateway

Build up
a payment


Basic Royalty from all transactions in
a particular region

How Paytomat works

Paytomat connects all participants in transparent and reliable system and serves as a one-stop hub for seamless interaction between the blockchain ecosystem and the real world

How Paytomat works


  • Pays with any crypto
  • Receives loyalty rewards and discounts for choosing to pay in crypto


  • Accepts variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Chooses a desirable split between fiat money and crypto in web control panel
  • Receives rewards in crypto for accepting this form of payment
  • Gains new returning customers

POS Provider

  • Enhances client possibilities, participates in fee distribution

Cryptocurrency Team

  • Increases cryptocurrency liquidity and demand for the coin
  • Encourages community to grow crypto payment industry

Regional Franchisee

  • Owns 49% in Paytomat regional company
  • Works with merchants, POS providers, fiat gateways, local community to offer cryptocurrency

Fiat Gateway

  • Converts crypto to fiat
  • Makes settlements to merchants in their local currency

Each member of the Paytomat ecosystem benefits and fuels its growth. Fees from each transaction are distributed between all participants. Paytomat operates with zero fee for merchants and POS cutting out the middlemen

Paytomat ecosystem

Paytomat infrastucture solution

M — Merchant
Hw — Hot wallet
Gw — Gateway
DEx — Decentralised exchange
BC — Blockchain
C — Customer
Cw — Cold wallet
Ex — Exchange
Paytomat infrastucture solution


Customer interfacesWeb and mobile developmentDashboardsBlockchain technology


  • UX MVP of POS Integration (Poster and Profit Solutions)
  • Dev Support for BTC, LTC, Dash, Waves
  • Dev Centralized exchanges integrated (Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex)
  • Dev Poster and Profit Solutions integrated

Q1 2018

  • Dev Support for BCH, ETH, DCR, XEM
  • Dev Integrate 1C

Q2 2018

  • UX Mobile Wallet 1.0 (Android + iOS)
  • Dev Support for BTC, ZEN, XZC, NANO, DIME
  • Dev Payment module for cryptocurrencies
  • Dash Merchant dashboard 1.0

Q3 2018

  • UX Merchant App 1.0 (Android + iOS)
  • UX Mobile Wallet 2.0 (Android + iOS)
  • Dev More POS integrations (NCR Aloha, Ingenico, Iiko, R-keeper)
  • Dash Merchant dashboard 2.0
  • Dev Payments via chatbots (Telegram)
  • Dev Support for EOS and other cryptocurrencies
  • Coin Token sale complete

Q4 2018

  • Dash Merchant dashboard 3.0
  • UX Mobile Wallet 3.0 (iOS)
  • UX Merchant App 2.0 (Android and iOS)
  • Dash Dashboard for the core teams of the cryptos
  • Dev Web Payments via eCommerce Plugins
  • Dev Testnet for Paytomat Blockchain and DAO
  • Coin PTI traded on major exchanges

Q1 2019

  • Dev MainNet for Paytomat Blockchain and DAO
  • Dev Oracle Micros integrated
  • Dev Implementation of the atomic swaps
  • Dev API and documentation available for 3rd party payments processing integration

Q2 2019

  • UX Advanced mobile wallet (Android + iOS)
  • Dash Customer analytics
  • CoinLoyalty program
  • DevLightning network integrationIf the Lightning protocol is implemented by the community by 2019 Q1

Q3 2019

  • Dev Integration with decentralized exchanges
  • Dev Integration with decentralized marketplaces
  • Dash Loyalty dashboard

Q4 2019

  • UX NFC wallet support
  • Dev Support for Ledger, Trezor and other hardware wallets
Paytomat whitelist

Whitelist is now open — and its very easy to join!

Team & Partners

Developers with background in security, IT infrastructure building, cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain architecture development.


Yuriy Olentyr


Alexandr Baranovsky


Dmitry Shvetsov


Eugene Shimalsky

Director of Product

Andriy Velykyy

Business Development Director

Dmitry Baimuratov

Blockchain Evangelist

Andrei Arsenin

Chief Technical Strategist

Yuriy Savchenko


Iaroslava Tkalich


Kat Arsenina

QA Engineer

Andrei Burunin

Frontend Developer

Maksym Travinichev

Backend Developer

Vasyl Kinzeryavyy


Alexandr Minzak


Andrey Shtogarenko


Aleksandr Kurinnoi


Oleg Bespalov


Yuliia Cherkaska

Sales Manager

Olga Nozdrina

Sales Manager

Irina Storozhok

Office Manager

Alexey Marinich


Galyna Danylenko

PR Officer

Vladyslav Martiushev

PR Manager

Viktoriya Gayvoronska

Event Manager

Yuriy Dubyna

Community Manager

Anton Pustovoy

Chief Text Creator

Yaroslav Omelianenko

Digital Marketing Manager

Sergii Dykyi

Digital Marketing Manager

Alexey Kondratiuk

Head of Integration Department

Aleksander Rybikov

Integration Manager

Roman Petrov

Financial Analyst

Vladimir Protsiv

Community Manager

Alexey Melnichuk

iOS developer

Alex Ivanov

Android developer

Yevgeniy Shityy

Front end developer

Yaroslav Nekryach

Senior backend developer

Maxim Riepkin

Middle backend developer

Kateryna Orel


Nikita Gordia

Android developer

Mikhail Panfilov

iOS developer

Eugenia Tikhonova

Product manager

Alexander Tikhomirov


Yevhen Khrystosov


Aleks Sergeyev

International BizDev

Vladyslav Lozynskyy

International BizDev



Marshall Long

EOS.Fish Co-founder


Steve Floyd

EOS Tribe Founder & Chief of Strategy


Moe Levin

CEO Keynote


Hahn Ryu

EOS NodeOne Co-founder, D.CAMP Founder


Sasha Ivanov

Founder and CEO, Waves


Sergii Vasylchuk

EOS standby block producer, Attic Lab CEO

Security Partner

Dmytro Budorin

Hacken co-founder and CEO


Roman Skazkiw

Crypto Lions, EOS Block Producer Co-founder, strategy, communications


Sudip Banerjee

Crypto Lions, EOS Block Producer Operations, business development


Alexei Antonov

SONM Co-founder

Content Strategy Partner

Hennadiy Kornev

Founding Partner, Dovhe Ventures